31 de marzo de 2006

Reabre el Frankfurter Kunstverein

On April 4 the Frankfurter Kunstverein opens its doors again after a three
month period of renovation and under new direction.
The Frankfurter Kunstverein offers several meeting points this year:
Ist das Leben nicht schön? Group exhibition in 4 chapters
Chapter 1: ESRA ERSEN, April 5­June 5, 2006

In her first large solo exhibition in Germany Esra Ersen sill show eight video installations from the last six years. Her works are made in different European countries for whose contexts she had developed site-specific projects. On display will be works from, amongst others, Turkey, Sweden and Germany. Ersen deals with different notions of own and Œother¹ identities with a very open and straightforward approach that lies between documentation and personal story-telling. She is interested in everyday cultural imagination, in which she sees hidden a basis for social structures and relations. In her video work, Ersen refers insistently to the political dimension of this socio-cultural vocabulary. The exhibition is a cooperation with the OK Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz and Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz. In the context of the Nacht der Museen, on April 29 at 8 pm, an artist talk will take place in the Kunstverein between Esra Ersen and the film maker Solmaz Shahbazi. The event is a cooperation with the UN Millennium Campaign.

Speaking of Others. Over the next two years, the Frankfurter Kunstverein will establish a new platform within the institution. In parallel to the exhibition program, the second floor will from the summer of 2006 be converted into a living Think Tank, to which innovative initiatives from all over the world will be invited. On May 13, a workshop with the Turkish artist group Oda Projesi will be arranged. Further information will shortly be available on our web-site.

Residency Program. On the top floor of the Frankfurter Kunstverein a room will be converted into a guest studio and Residency Program for artists, curators and theorists. The first guest will be Francesc Ruiz, who will develop a project based on the context of the institution, for which it will be possible to see the first sketches from April 4.

Café im Kunstverein. Within the framework of the restructuring of the Kunstverein, the artists Gorka Eizagirre and Xavier Salaberria have developed a new design for the café. Their project aims at improving the public domain of the house: By emphasising the connections between contemporary artistic practice and everyday life, they have created an environment that goes beyond the artistic gesture and functions as a café.

10 Reasons to be a Member is an invitation to take part in the life of the Frankfurter Kunstverein. It is a small space on the ground floor where the visitor is offered valuable insight into our goals. Several cultural workers have been asked to give their contribution, in form of text, image or something else towards the aim of revisiting the idea of the institution as a social project, as well as to present arguments for being an active part of such an enterprise.

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