1 de agosto de 2007

Laudes Regiae de Andrea Morucchio [27]

Laudes Regiae

Del 8 de Junio al 29 de Julio de 2007

Ex Convento Santi Cosma e Damiano

Laudes Regiae is a multimedia installation by Andrea Morucchio, displayed at Salone del Camino, within the Ex Convento Santi Cosma and Damiano in Venice.
It consists of 15 frosted-red, blown glass helmets, inspired by the "sparrow's beak" sallet from the 14th-century helmet in the Armory of the Doge's Palace in Venice; images of the Wolf of Passau, the effigy emblazoned on the swords produced in the Middle Ages, and an audio broadcast of the so-called Laudes Regiae, which is the Chorus for the Coronation Mass taken from the 11th-century Bramberg Manuscript.