29 de mayo de 2008

Estamos muy cerquita del Processing 1.0

ABOUT REV 0136 - 29 May 2008

This release represents the first of a set of major (internal)
changes as we head to release 1.0 at the end of the Summer.
This release will not be made the default download, but please
test the release for problems on your platform, and file bugs
(dev.processing.org/bugs) when you find them.

[ major changes, please read ]

+ New Runner
The most significant change in this release is the introduction
of a new runner system. This means that we'll be able to make the
stop button behave properly, shut down sketches correctly, have
better error handling, and eventually add debugger support.
On the downside, sketches may start a little more slowly, and it
may be a bumpy transition as we get things working (strange errors
when you hit Run).

+ Switching to Java 1.5
We are moving to Java 1.5 as a minimum requirement for running
Processing, as well as sketches created with it. This is an
attempt at self-preservation as we try to limit the number of
platforms that we support. Note, however that we *still do not*
support Java 1.5 language extensions (enum, enhanced for loop,
generics, etc.) More info about that can be found here:
If you find places in the code or reference that refer to Java
1.4 support, please let us know via dev.processing.org/bugs.

+ New XML Library
We've switched to NanoXML instead of NanoXML-Lite. This means that
the export size of the XML library has changed from ~6k to ~30k.
The new version is much better at handling a broader range of XML
content. The API should be the same and your code should work
without changes (unless you're playing with namespaces, in which
case those have to be specified differently).

+ Changes to how libraries are found
Major bug fixing happened in handling the class path issues and
dealing with how libraries are loaded. With any luck, this should
fix the dreaded aiexport bug. It should also give better results
when multiple libraries are installed on the system. However, it
may mean that some libraries (or jarfiles) that shouldn't have
been working before will now (properly) no longer work.

[ minor enhancements ]

+ curveTangent() implemented by Dave Bollinger. (Thank you!)

+ Added support for quadratic (as opposed to just cubic) curves to
the Candy SVG library.

+ Altered Processing.app on Mac OS X to use the Quartz rendering
engine. In OS X 10.5, Apple switched renderers, which made most
Processing sketches run considerably slower. Thanks Apple!

+ Added ctrl-/ to comment a block of code

+ Minor change to default window dimensions to support the Eee PC

+ Updated reference and slight reorganization to fix a handful of
broken links. Moved the FAQ to the Processing site (no longer
included in the download.)

+ Added a static version of saveStream() that uses a File object.

+ Add XMLElement (not filename) constructor to SVG lib

[ bug fixes ]

+ Color selector fixed by Francis Li. (Thanks!)

+ Net library no longer dies unceremoniously on "Connection Refused"

+ Space after OPENGL param no longer breaks export

+ Fix "noLoop()" sketches unresponsive to exit request

+ Fixed bug with subset() when no length parameter was specified

+ Retired the long-standing TIFF in After Effects bug

+ Fix for bezierTangent() problem from Dave Bollinger (Thanks!)

+ Fix problem with get() when imageMode(CORNERS) was in use

+ Fix bug with splice() and arrays

+ PImage mask now works after first call

+ Fix upside-down TGA files

+ Fix problem with g.smooth always returning false in JAVA2D

[ known new problems ]

+ With the new runner setup, sketches sometimes won't start every
~10th time or so (this will vary depending on your machine).
Hitting Run again should make things start up.
This may actually be a problem with Mac OS X sometimes not
launching Java. More recent Java releases for Mac OS X have
become less stable. If you see this on Windows, please let us
know at the bug report.

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