19 de julio de 2009

Terre Natale

Terre Natale (Exits 2) is a half-hour immersive visualization of human migration data.

Visitors enter a dark rotunda to discover a mirror-image Earth revolving around the room, printing animated maps and data to the wall's curved surface. Divided into five narratives, this piece quantifies both voluntary and forced movement across the globe due to political, economic, and environmental factors.

Created by architecture studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Laura Kurgan, and Mark Hansen. In collaboration with Jeremy Linzee, Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Stewart Smith; Aaron Meyers, Michael Doherty, and Hans-Christoph Steiner. Curated by Hervé Chandes and framed by cultural theorist Paul Virilio. Premiered at the Fondation Cartier as part of Terre Natale ("Native Land") exhibition in Paris, 2008.

The animation engine, Bronson, was created by Stewart Smith and Robert Gerard Pietrusko; written in Processing. The projection system was created by Bernd Lintermann at ZKM. For more information see Stewdio Blog items tagged Terre Natale.

Terre Natale